Trend Trajectories: A Generalized But Structured Discussion

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Driving the Digital Future: ��Publishers Taking the Wheel

Keith Titan Chris Hart VP, New Media/VP, RH Ventures VP, RH Information Technology Division

June 2006

Setting the Stage: What’s Happening Out There Now?

Not since Gutenberg has there been such dramatic change in the accessibility of text-based information and entertainment. New opportunities created But new challenges as well: Digital Media + Internet = Changing Consumer Behavior

Digital Media�– Cannibalizing leisure time previously spent with books

The Internet� – Quick-bite, grazing behavior� – Jupiter reports:�� “Books are suffering the most; � 37% of all online users report that � they spend less time reading books � because of their online activities.” (37% read less)

The publishing industry must adapt!

What Specific Factors Are Creating These Behavior Changes?

The Internet and Technology are Transforming the Way People Discover, Sample and Consume All Media

Unprecedented Mobility

New connected devices released at a dizzying rate Few provide options for �a traditional book-like �reading experience

Coast-to-Coast Broadband Access

Mesh networks, �Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Max Entire cities will be �offering free or low cost high-speed web access

The Digital Revolution

Growing up reading on screens Web is an integral part �of their daily lives Demand digital media on all devices—tailored to their web-centric behavior

Web Analytics

$25 dollars for WUsage. Chicago, Princeton use. Can set it up so you get metrics in real time. Princeton logs run 3 million lines in a month. Takes 20 minutes on a fast machine.

Chuck also uses Google Analytics. Enables you to get around the proxy servers.

The Long Tail

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