To Serve and Publish: Best Practices in Author Instructions

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Saturday, June 20 — 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Chair: Stacy Lavin, Senior Managing Editor, Journals, Duke University Press

Panelists: Jennifer L. Comeau, Assistant Director and Editorial, Design, Production Manager, University of Illinois Press; Katharine Duff, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Analytics, Journals, University of Chicago Press; Larin McLaughlin, Editor-in-Chief, University of Washington Press

With the ever-growing list of what’s possible and required in academic publishing, author instructions run the risk of ballooning out of control. What might feel to a press like a necessary set of rules and guidelines can strike authors as overly detailed and arcane. It can also be complicated and costly for staffs to enforce all these rules. If we take customer service and efficiency as guiding principles, it behooves both journals and books programs to reflect on the effectiveness of their instructions and the way they ask authors to comply with them. By sharing stories of what has worked (and maybe what hasn't) in maximizing author compliance, the participants of this panel aim to uncover a few best practices for designing author instructions across books and journals in academic presses.

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