Tips on Interviewing for the Video

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Tips on Interviewing for the Video

1. Ask questions that lead the interviewee to articulate the main themes or "hooks" of their work or knowledge they wish to share. Examples:

  • What do you think is important in how you teach?
  • What was a challenge? How did you overcome it?
  • What were the main findings of interest?
  • What was most surprising?
  • What would you recommend for further studies, how to take action, how to think about it?
  • Who do you thing will be interested in your book and why should they read it?

2. Take care to build the confidence of the interviewees.

  • Remind them that everyone stumbles on camera; can always do another take, no problem.
  • Find a way to compliment them on answers, performance, how the video is going, etc.

3. Ask lots of questions. (You'd be surprised at the good material you get by being persistent and going beyond the usual answers.)

4. No need to have the interviewer on camera or on mic. Can intercut fade-in cards with the questions. Keep it simple and focused on the interviewee.

5. The idea is to get a lot of raw material of the "truth" and then to shape that truth into short and comprehensible "story" parcels. (Sometimes it's useful to think of questions as "chapters.")

6. The most receptive brain state to communication of knowledge is the storyteller trance. Help the interview engage this state in audiences.

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