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Friday, June 17, 3:30–4:45 PM
Chair: Suzanne E. Guiod, Editor in Chief, Syracuse University Press
Panelists: Sian Hunter, Senior Acquisitions Editor, University Press of Florida; Matthew McAdam, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Johns Hopkins University Press; Larin McLaughlin, Editor in Chief, University of Washington Press; Fredric W. Nachbaur, Director, Fordham University Press

This panel takes its inspiration from the syndicated radio program This American Life, in which each episode is devoted to a theme, and to stories based on that theme. Today’s theme is acquisitions editorial work, and the working life of an acquisitions editor. Close interaction with authors—whether tested or first-timers—can be variously rewarding, perplexing, funny, frustrating, stimulating, and surprising. Join us to hear stories from four seasoned acquisitions editors who have ushered projects and authors through the sometimes thorny path to publication, and lived to tell about it. Panelists will discuss methods and maneuvers honed through trial and error that they’ve found most (or least) useful in perfecting the delicate art of acquisitions and the careful craft of author management.


To view a video presented during "This Acquisitions Life," please visit AAUP's Vimeo.

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