The Grand Convergence: The Evolution of an Interoperable Publishing Ecosystem

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Saturday, June 20 — 9:00-10:15 am

Chair: Bill Kasdorf, VP-Content Solutions, Apex

Panelists: Erich van Rijn, Director of Publishing Operations, University of California Press; Susan Doerr, Operations and Business Development Manager, University of Minnesota Press

The publishing ecosystem we've all come to take for granted is fragmented and siloed, but there are some key initiatives underway to address this problem, three of which are highlighted in this session.

Bill Kasdorf will provide an overview of a developing convergence around the Open Web Platform—that broad constellation of technologies (HTML5, XML, CSS, EPUB, and a host of others), largely but not exclusively governed by the W3C—that is forging a truly interoperable publishing ecosystem. The most important development: the IDPF and W3C are jointly working on "EPUB-WEB," a vision for a single file that works the same online or offline, on the web or in an e-reader or even in a print workflow.

Erich van Rijn will describe the Mellon-funded partnership between the University of California Press and the California Digital Library (and involving input from other university presses) to develop a web-accessible, HTML5-based, open-source content and workflow management system specifically optimized for the production of monographs. When completed, this platform will be made freely available to the community of academic presses, especially university presses and libraries.

Susan Doerr will describe the Mellon-funded Manifold Scholarship digital initiative, which the University of Minnesota Press is developing in partnership with the GC Digital Scholarship Lab at CUNY to create what could be described as the "next generation monograph," erasing the boundaries between print and e-book formats. Manifold will make it possible to create interactive digital editions of titles also published in print, to deliver them at various levels of granularity, and to enable them to evolve over time to reflect subsequent developments in the field.


  • Click here to view Erich van Rijn's presentation, entitled "Moving Scholarly Book production to the Web."
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