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Part One: AAUP Industry Standards

See "Annual University Press Statistics," the annual comparative survey with accompanying analysis prepared for the AAUP.

Part Two: Accounting, Budgeting and Financial Management


(1) Royalty Accounting and Systems

(2) Chart of Accounts

Budgeting and Financial Accounting

(1) Long Term Financial Planning for Small University Presses

(2) The Operating Budget

(3) Pro Forma Financial Statements

(4) The Production Budget

(5) Hidden Liabilities

(6) Title Budgets

Financial Reporting and Audits

(1) Audits and Auditors

(2) Reserves and Allowances

Working Capital Management

(1) Capital Needs and Financial Accountability of University Presses

(2) Accounts Receivable

(3) Projecting Cash Needs

(4) Inventory Management

Miscellaneous Topics

(1) Risk Management and Insurance

(2) Taxes

(3) Exhibits and Sales Tax

(4) Distribution Agreements

Part Three: Managing Operations

(1) Order Fulfillment Computer Systems for Publishers

(2) Computer Security

(3) Independent Contractor and the Press

(4) Keeping Credit and Collections Manageable

(5) Contracting for Outside Fulfillment

(6) Warehouse Operations

Part Four: Interdepartmental Aspects of Financial Management

(1) Hiring and Evaluating Sales Representatives

(2) Direct Response Mail

(3) Copublication: Buying and Selling Rights

(4) Permissions

(5) Subsidiary Rights: Selling to Book Clubs

(6) Examination Copy Policy

Part Five: Journals

(1) Introduction to the Journals Section

(2) Journals Subscription Revenues

(3) Journals Nonsubscription Revenues

(4) Journals Expense Categories

(5) Allocation of Overhead Costs in Journal Programs

(6) Relationships with Journal Editors

(7) Types of Publishing Arrangements and Contracts

(8) Financial Arrangements between Books and Journals

Part Six: General Management

(1) Press Boards

(2) Financial Strategies for Coping with Recession

(3) AAUP Compensation Survey: An Overview

(4) A Primer on University Presses

Part Seven: References

(1) Glossary of Publishing Terms

(2) Publishing Business Reference Materials

Part Eight: Related Articles

(1) Book Publishing Accounting: Some Basic Concepts

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