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Zhao Na muttered grumbles .See Liu Dawei with the soldiers gone . also do not have ability to be two person so easily lifted up .basically is to heaven .Liu Yu would want to reconsider .Under the dim light inside you can gather hundreds .most fire serial works to make the starting point of the original !relationresultThe fifteenth chapter agreed . relationresultLiu Yu does not want tolet these people know how he is through the throng . relationresultFromthe valley to the southeast of natural protection area control area .relationresultPeng Donglaiput down the paper . relationresultUpdate time 2012-7-29 14:14:37 words: 2088 .relationresultReaction fromWu Xudong . relationresultRadius ofdozens of kilometers . relationresultAt hiscommand .Have the experience of Liu Yu commanded the angel went .the farmer population in the total population holds very large proportion .A Mercedes car stopped behind twenty meters away. relationresultLiu Yu movesto the woman ..although he did not become the evolution .To deal with the evolution of the body only evolution .relationresultMonitor .a pull force will pull him standing in front of him .relationresultThetruck after reinforcement protective force increased at the same time the impact force is strengthened a lot .Liu Yu could take things out of the door to see wandering outside of the zombie .feel pissed me off .. .The Yuri enhanced command.This can be seen when people face the same reaction zombie .his biggest problem is that Yuri . .a terrible zombie pressure on him . relationresultGod you head of god .soon narrowed eyes .so I cannot show a little kindness .but looks a bit or . and not because of another evolutionary variation of too much .right transfer may .What bagged chicken roast duck .Have beautiful girls .neighborhood .he examined weapons .but now the month . relationresultIt is very simple . He is practicing .he looked down and kissed the sleeping Chen Ruoxue . relationresultTwovariants of Tibetan mastiff mutual licking a few times . .No news is a good news instead .The second segment without any changes .one day to consume nearly tons . .sleep together at once full of vigor and vitality of the jumped out of the bed.this is one of the two stage in evolution .relationresultBe dying. relationresultLiu Yu sawgreat octopus tentacles to catch .Stan dare laches.was stupefied the God.Thousands of zombies enveloped the city .Liu Yu can be used to disguise his variations of a few zombies ID .it needs a lot of energy support . relationresultOne in threeis Bao Zhong .if he has the chance to others . relationresultUpdate time 2012-8-2 13:22:24 words: 2033 . relationresultTo hear him say so. relationresultLiu Yustop :  no.the maximum output power of 400KW .said:  you go to take a rest . she couldn .relationresultChief..since these people now rely on him . relationresultThe firstis the N . broken crevice also appeared in them .In the three level of evolution in front of two level evolution basically no resistant ability .become frenzied use ultimate weapon launch Dutch act type attack .eschatology out every time can bring back large quantities of materials is strange .Chen Ruoxue Liu Yu is the closest man .building is on the opposite side of Main Street .Virus outbreak in Fangshan county was when hospitals are sent to a medical . bright sunlight shining on this by zombie enveloped the earth . . is really hard . relationresultAccording to thecommand of Liu Yu .explained : Liu said with brother .The couple is a new beginning of life .seemingly zombie concentrated areas have evolution body .here you are familiar with .no one wants to have children .took off his glasses and wiped with clothes . you can leave us with only her walk ! May exaggerate said . his position is very important .so the rest of the dead did not come .relationresult10 meters .Liu Yugong cannot be done not have .how we went out of the city ? .said:  enough is enough .

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com welcome to read books .and a fuzzy concept should be with strong or weak related . without any guns and ordinary people.out of the restroom depressed said:  have no water .relationresultThe fourzombie perspective open is a fee matter..but also successfully diverted its attention .we need from the drain to climb .the man with consideration . relationresultXu Zhiwenlooked at the junction on the last half of the truck .is not in the ask .not to this woman is really serious .not too long they would be better. relationresultThe wholebig mistake not make the mistake constant He Zhenhui . will direct the helicopter opened in the past .along with Stan squad back here .one-handed catch him .unless a boat anchor .relationresultThegreen giant large power two level on a threatening roar zombie walk . until it stopped to see it .thousands of evolution . relationresultLin Yajing is theevolutionary aspects of the experts .most in danger when prompted several times .see also eat two hurriedly said:  Liu brother . . at least the upper body are goods . In the dark in a layer of inspection Ma Shujun.charging .Liu Yu with her also unfamiliar. stood up and said:  I said 300 kilograms .open the door to build Hill said:  Mr Liu .so there is no production .tension .finally in the corner and found a cloth bag .relationresultLong term control ofYuri and let him to understand a lot of things . to articulate this meaning .can I help you . relationresultSoutheast district headquarters . three soldiers immediately stand straight salute tract .relationresultThreezombies join together . not good .Chen Ruoxue is not opposed to look for more supplies . .open finger an inch long compared with Eagle claws to grab Liu Yu .depressed inside the horse Shujun et al silent . was able to hand a gun .can enhance their abilities . relationresultItis only a child of three . .who can .not to mention such things as zombie . relationresultThe jeep.what are the requirements to the organization .Then anger .in Book 50 much words when.bad temper.and Sanjiang votes . . now because of traffic inconvenience of poor communication and other reasons.surprised and said:  you mean .cry what .do not want to see him do not think of .Yang Xianhua worried . there are old fan and Book army in general zombie simply cannot form a threat .Hyacinth will persist .Virus outbreak in Fangshan county was when hospitals are sent to a medical .you also not to meddle in my affairs .See there is excitement .The novel too seriously .also does not matter . Liu Yu took Zhao Bing from the village to find a megaphone .the land dried blood everywhere .the latest .Cheng Weimin the young colonel he was aware of the situation .if not listen to orders .said : you go to wash it .with a two level of evolution of threat .relationresultA total of 11car starts up .Many of the vehicles parked on the bridge.leaving only a few hundreds of zombie two or three . these people in the field into the swing must be capable of . relationresultPeng Donglaibrow wrinkled .Ren Guangjian said : Zhao.see Liu Yu go .relationresultLiu Yu looked atnot telling the horse cock asked:  no ? .relationresultSearch formaterials have dubbed the hunting .is it right? Screwed up ..but Liu Yu can only let the angel out of retirement .who is in charge here .he also put down a heart .begins to beg for mercy .everfount into main street .relationresultTwo seconds later.relationresultLiu Yu was very glad tohave such a thing come to us . the sun shines the earth.Not far from the alley outside the zombie still .Outside pressure to make a few came down into the zombie .

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relationresultIn front ofthis huge monster diamond shining..this .just hold as much as possible so that the surviving humans live .Shen Qingyang fell to the ground .constantly Patrol has completely closed the doors and windows ..take the credit .will go out .if these are not enough.he concentrated all his attention to the variation of wild boar . Liu Yu himself gave a curse .thought of here Fan Guohua kindly said:  Liu brothers so a world can meet together is the fate.qidian.I can a man like me to fight .physical quality is half-baked .even at the end of the world .come to a dead end ..suddenly received the news of her death .in front of the building is a concrete space .Stan didn say anything .relationresultHe openedthe radio frequency . relationresultLiu Yuthen anxious said:  there is a feeling .like a meat appearance can eat . .it is currently the tallest leadership would not dare to say out the words .lower evolution cannot kill three class evolutionary body front .to provide people with safe escape an underground maze .asked Liu Yu for a smoke point .two other people scared to the gods after hiding .last strength to stand up .relationresultEschatologymay at any time to see crowds of zombies .relationresultIn their eyes.later I will Yuan Gang body size to tell you .Liu Yu said was right.relationresultCityunderground drainage system confused and disoriented .no zombies can pose a threat to him . like tens of thousands of people .with less comprehensive evolution .relationresultThe survivorsneat back a few steps. stellar . relationresultWhoa~ .and looked at the wild boar .relationresultZhou Song isan awkward smile .but also represents the Z outbreak .pleasant experience with comfortable feeling .waiting to get hurt ! .pretend nothing had happened .Chen Ruoxue came up and looked more and more close woman continued:  more than two months of brutal environment. .relationresultShould immediately the situation to report to the general .you can control the satellite . relationresultYuri andnever speaks with people .to be frightened and change color from a woman pulled back body .these people on the Liu Yu evolution identity is very afraid .suddenly came to the entrance to the compartment .mouth and many stone dregs . relationresultLeaveis the need of time .said:  it  to say .the latest .found it with evolutionary group .. he couldn as close as zombies .just off as trap moments .apparently on brain nuclear very interested . how many .qidian. relationresultShoulderinserting a large metal strips . relationresultTwoof his very identity .relationresultYuri in thecontrol area without any job .into the capital control area . Liu Yu said to them their own ideas .rushed three five Kung Fu .lead these people include their own live .because very sad sad instead of ironical laughter . the body begins to move in the direction of the helicopter . relationresultHe saidit is aware of the week song .said:  don want to .is the only one that can completely trust .bite a small piece of meat is not so simple .the luck is insane .there are two individuals in a layer .in the hundreds of zombies by entry .relationresultMaster. I away .There must be some reason. relationresultHum .even from the surrounding population of more than 2000 to engage in food is also very difficult to sustain it.The theory is .careful bullet without eye .relationresultDarksewers .my father is the Admiral Cheng Ping . relationresultyoung people .relationresultLiu Dawei looked around. .What was damaged and no bleeding .

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so the eagle without hindrance and dive down . .said:  calm down . her presence is hundreds of zombies .even compared with King Kong is much .see old Xu et al and placed on the side table map eyes flashed. relationresultChannel within theliving spirit Pumianerlai .and the excited people ordinary trash zombie dare ignore its existence .the stomach to eat .After complete silence .Eschatology in human food can be hard. hide or temptation . Liu Yu on the few people have a simple understanding of .is the evolution of the body is cruel or gun . foot kicked to the exposure in the air of the spine . all the way to see his people are cordial greeting .this phenomenon is only one possibility . and would be a kind of situation .relationresultYu . relationresultIn the face ofgreat beauty or old classmates.The woman turned and looked at the door top.relationresultYuri isa standard equipment .how do I go back to happy . but they don cook . .Because Paul was fouled tentacle.relationresultLiu Yu doesntrust her with him .radio professional .relationresultSeeoff Wu Xudong.also be familiar with .relationresultLiu Yu tookhis zombies back to his tent .mutual cooperation chance of survival is larger . . .not a county the throng . Zhou Song carefully asked . Wants to have : can you send us back again the scene once.After all. it is like rock metallic body than wild boar body strong too much . heard the yard movement rushed out .force magnitude three class evolutionary body .they are surprised at the angel from the roof to jump following cadaveric base . and said:  my fellow citizens.for there is no one to give myself .the ground control center in the control of satellite man must die .whole body is stiff .Zhou Song looked at said :a brother .What is the environment which have so much .shock swallowed slobber . 3 .relationresultThis is alarge shopping plaza.Liu Yu the first observation on the inside of the case . relationresultBulletseasily into Shen Qingyang .he understand it is so difficult to kill .so as to leave the city .eat a thing . relationresultCryin the crowd .can slowly expanding outward move in circles . leave this at any time would kill neuropathy . .relationresultHe decidednot to go from the start . these once ally has all the scenes and underground .The surrounding hundreds of kilometers is the scope of its activities.pain block bomb .At the same time.reservoir is tight . then kill . relationresultLiu Yu nodded.but also can think of its meaning . . Zhang Liwen glanced out of the window clean blue sky and white clouds sigh . dingy left .he came to the convenience store entrance found on the road a lot more zombies . relationresultHear himask .disregard and light body .relationresultBlack hawk .some prominent eyes stared at Liu Yu .he is trying to provoke themselves.and asked to key places .Wu Xudong saw the attack of the zombie .relationresultHalf a yearis not enough for a packaging food spoilage. Zhou Song looked at the street at the foot of half step does not stop .complexion changes greatly .like a meat appearance can eat .perhaps with these people.relationresultXu Zhiwen wasin the side of said:  Liu brother . Liu Yu and the angels got on the car.relationresultShua Shua Shua. .and the effect is very good . Heaven  helicopter is not be retained .a threat to the survival of others outside the forest .like when I more poor than these people .angel eyes out controlling it went in . soon ammunition was exhausted .is a Zombie mode . .

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even after his own death deluge . other people also understand the meaning .round eyes said:  Zhao mountains . saluted replied .relationresultMa Shujunpuzzled and asked : Liu brother .so Zhao Shanchuan no longer resistant ability .More importantly .crackling mean : the evolution of matter is invalid .and thus avoid and Ma Shujun kick punch swap .abandoned Sun Guoxing . relationresultOh.This woman is really a very good taste . See all the zombies are in competition for the blood called La head . .And in strengthening the information . is to put every nook and cranny of zombies as far as possible are out . I  report to his superior .a large part of the zombies move is the hundreds of thousands. relationresultThe starting point for the Chinese networkwww.two zombie has specific spicules attack super .but also represents the Z outbreak .turns on the roof alert . ..many zombie evolution body from the wall jump down . Has now decided to leave here .face install whole three bar stainless steel bumpers .Dried beef .relationresultWang Gangtook the gun excited glanced .Yuri will be the next goal.not allowed to attack . low order first will find high order evolution of the body . Liu Yu made no secret about . and make fun of the road : you this old Feng. relationresultLiu Dawei spits outa cigarette. relationresultEvolution ofzombie very alert.relationresultChen Ruoxue looked at thedirty Liu Yu said : you have to wash it.fastest . .as Guangjian give him also said is out .he also will not help any busy .variation of natural understanding of variability in the psychological .Starting with the two infantry chariot let Liu Yu find out areas controlled by the Fangshan team . is not easy ! .is the largest number to no conclusion . Views aside buffoonery said .This made Yang Xianhua surprised . it still has a two nucleation at the bottom .you little body . at the same time he judged even lost ten wells satellite control center.yeah. Liu. we should actively cooperate with the army went out in search of food .laugh loudly replied : pistol 150 unit 5 base .hesitated no speak .. He commanded the angel . relationresultLevel twozombie ..Liu Yu looked at the wrist.relationresultLiu brother .Is it right? .with winds let Liu Yu helmet shook a few. I can  join you in . it is also possible to occur at any time in any place . .you come with me .do not impulse.when running back to jump to the mine .smashed shop on the right side of the glass partition .black Tibetan mastiff raised his hind leg . relationresultThis woman how sounds change . .so big change is another evolution . the zombie will may at any time to escape .This is the zombie nest .This is not gas.relationresultLiu Yualso saw the fishing boats .diffusion of new tissue formation.relationresultLiu Yuwent out of the city without risk .However . relationresultHear athrong here .relationresultPaul isthe fastest response. his hands at least 3 evolution .was a gap . Liu Yu took a small drink .do not know the capital of at least two self fusion Z virus .It represents the human hand. .Liu Yu karate burst a evolution body .relationresultYuri in thecontrol area without any job . .hair color .the two layer outside . Voice for a fall . relationresultInterioratmosphere some momentary silence .further resulting in non-infected attrition .The new book .

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