Successful Product Development: Is “Fail Fast” the Only Way?

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Friday, June 19 — 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Chair: Leslie Eager, Communications and Library Exhibits Coordinator, Duke University Press

Panelists: Sylvia Hunter, Editorial Manager, Journals, University of Toronto Press; Alison Mudditt, Director, University of California Press

Digital technologies allow us to cast off the constraints of traditional formats to offer something new. But while digital product development gurus champion the need to "fail fast and often" to succeed, how can university presses manage the risks involved? How do we take a new product from concept to launch, and if we do, will readers, authors, and librarians be interested? This session tackles the practical experience of new product development, covering books, journals, collections, and digital-first publications. We’ll make suggestions and pose questions about how a press can adapt its organization, culture, and infrastructure to develop successful digital products. And we'll talk about measuring success and failure in a world of emergent products and strategies.

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