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For Books About US Art in an International Context

Last year the Terra Foundation for American Art awarded the College Art Association (CAA) a major three-year grant to administer an annual program to support book-length scholarly manuscripts in the history of American art. The program, now in its second year, makes funds available to US and non-US publishers through the Terra Foundation for American Art International Publication Grant. Awards of up to $15,000 will be made to US and non-US publishers for books that examine American art in an international context, increase awareness of American art internationally through publication outside the United States, allow wider audiences to access important texts through translation, or result from international collaboration. The program is designed to offset image acquisition and translation costs; however, other editing and production expenses will be considered.

The grants support publications that make significant contributions to the field in three award categories: grants to US publishers for manuscripts that consider American art in an international context, grants to non-US publishers for books on topics in American art, and grants for the translation of books on topics in American art to or from English. The program also supports the creation of an international network of American art scholars by providing two non-US authors whose books are funded through the grant program with travel stipends and complimentary registration to attend CAA’s Annual Conference.

Grant guidelines, detailed eligibility requirements, and application instructions are available on the CAA website at []. For this grant program, “American art” is defined as art (circa 1500–1980) of what is now the geographic United States. Letters of inquiry should be submitted to CAA no later than September 21, 2015. Applicants whose projects fall within the guidelines and successfully fulfill the mission of the grant program will be invited to submit full applications, due November 9, 2015. Award winners will be announced in March 2015.

For University of Wisconsin Untenured Faculty Books

Projects written by untenured professors at the University of Wisconsin are eligible for their publication subvention program. Details here: Questions about the program would be best directed to Lea Jacobs, Associate Vice Chancellor for Humanities and Social Sciences, at Subsidy amounts range from $4,000 to $10,000. Open Access projects are eligible.

For Ohio State University Tenure-track Faculty

From the College's website:

The Faculty Research and Creative Activity Support programs outlined below apply to all tenure-track faculty members on the Columbus campus in the departments and schools of the Division of Arts and Humanities. Some programs are also available to regional campus faculty in Arts and Humanities, where specified; regional campus faculty should also contact their Dean or Director for information about local support opportunities.

General Conditions Associated faculty, lecturers, instructors, and others on term assignments, visiting faculty, and emeritus faculty will not ordinarily receive consideration for these awards. Arts and Humanities resources are available to continuing faculty only: faculty who announce their termination to begin employment at another institution, or who are notified of the nonrenewal of their appointments, are ineligible for these funds.

Recipients of awards should acknowledge the aid of Arts and Humanities in any publication, performance, or exhibit resulting from a granting of funds. A new Small Grants Program replaces the old Grant-in-Aid program. Publication Subvention – up to $2,000 (department matching funds required)

The College has confirmed that every department within the College currently has matching funds available. Those departments include the following: African American & African Studies Art Art Administration, Education & Policy Classics Comparative Studies Dance Design East Asian Languages & Literatures English French & Italian Germanic Languages & Literatures History History of Art Linguistics School of Music Near Eastern Languages & Literatures Philosophy Slavic & east European Languages & Cultures Spanish & Portuguese Theatre Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies

Faculty applicants for the grant should use this form.

Please direct any questions to the Arts and Humanities Associate Dean for Faculty and Research to

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