Structure and Staffing of Manuscript Editorial and Production Departments

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Moderator: Kristin Harpster Lawrence, Managing Editor, Wayne State University Press

Panelists: Ron Maner, Managing Editor and Assistant Director, University of North Carolina Press; Dariel Mayer, Editing and Production Manager, Vanderbilt University Press; Lynn Werts, Associate Director and Prepress Manager, University Press of Florida

Description: Should manuscript editorial and design and production be in the same department, or is it best if they are separate? Is it better to have production editors or production coordinators? Who is responsible for what within a combined production department? What are the ideal positions within a manuscript editorial department, and how should the work be delegated among them? Representatives of manuscript editorial and production departments from presses of various sizes and department configurations explained their staffing arrangements, including an open discussion to find out what works and what doesn’t at other presses, too.

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