Starting or Expanding a Journals Program

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Moderator: Rebecca Simon, Director – Journals & Digital Publishing Division, University of California Press, Publishing Division

Panelists: October Ivins, Ivins eContent Solutions; Nawin Gupta, Journals Division Manager, University of Chicago Press

Description: A robust journals program can bring a number of benefits to a university press. At this time, what are the reasons for starting or expanding a program? And are they good reasons? What kind of journals should a press pursue to achieve its various goals? How should your press evaluate potential journal acquisitions or new journal launches? What staffing considerations need to be taken into account in both the short and long-term in order to achieve sustainable growth? How do university presses forge sustainable vendor relationships to ensure that are competitive in the marketplace? How can university presses find—and take best advantage of —gaps in the market?

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

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