Staff Training and Development During Times of Change

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Friday, June 17, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Facilitator: Robyn L. Miller, SPHR, Director of Administration, Duke University Press

As academic publishers, we compete every day for resources to bring exceptional works to the forefront of academic thought and to our world. With well-trained feet that curve expertly around the braided tightrope of scholarly publishing, we walk with impeccable focus and balance to keep our mission front and center and ever-moving forward.

For some of us, this challenge is captivating. We are energized by the unrelenting need for focus and balance; we see change as the foundation of our existence. For others, the experience is demotivating and exhausting; it wears away at our confidence and resilience, and we disengage from our work.

In this facilitated and interactive discussion, we will explore the role that organizational leadership plays in steering staff toward engagement through training and development, particularly during times of change. We’ll take a look at where some thought leaders—such as Adam Bryant, William Bridges, Rodd Wagner, and James K. Harter—have taken this conversation. We will also explore what participants and their organizations have learned in this regard. At the end of the workshop you can expect to be well-prepared to build the business case for prioritizing training and development in your organization within a budget that is practical.

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