Special Sales—a Neglected Revenue Stream?

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Moderator: Glenda Madden, Sales and Marketing Manager, University of New Mexico Press

Panelists: Brian Weese, Director of Marketing and Sales, Island Press; Michael Donatelli, Sales Director, University of North Carolina Press; Kay Marcotte, Sales Representative, University of New Mexico Press

Description: Exploring special sales as a way to build revenues: catalogs, warehouse clubs, book clubs, gift shops/specialty stores, special offers to the university community (faculty, staff, and alumni), bulk sales and special printings––how much can special sales add to revenue? Can it be substantial enough to make a difference in one’s year? How can you determine if it’s worth hiring someone full-time to manage these sales? Are university presses neglecting an essential revenue stream? Can trade sales reps be useful in this regard? Can it be outsourced? What discounts/payment terms are required for these markets? Do most of them buy nonreturnable? What are the opportunities for regional books?

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

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