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Blogs are new. And there are lots of them now. 44 million (6/06) according to Technorati.

Who's Blogging

Harvard, Chicago, Yale, Oxford, MIT, Nebraska, HC

LSU had one but took it down because they didn't see a lot of hits, and it took time from staff. It was irregularly time-consuming.

How to start

Managed solutions—

AnythingTypePad, Blogger

TypePad used by Oxfort, MIT...

Set it up and find at least one smart person to keep it up--who's articulate and "wants" to do it.

Another idea would be to send regular blasts to the university body to come back and participate on the blog.

What should I blog?


Check out OliveReader [1]

Your books and subject matter on your books.

How do you make people aware?

Link from every page of Web site.

Send out a blast to your distribution lists.

But mostly, people find through Google.

Do you need someone to monitor?

Yes. It's easy but you'll need to keep the inappropriate comments out.

Search Engine Optimization

Chicago Manual of Style Online (CMSO) is a community site.

Why optimize?

To acheive its mission, it needs visitors.

Source of visitors—50% from Search engines, 25% from direct bookmarks, user typed web address, 25% links from other sites

User click within first three pages (62% on first page only). You want to be on the first page.

Search engines look for how well you match the query and where it ranks in the algorithms.

Search engine optimization requires you be good enough to appear on the first page.

1. Identify the competition. (Not your traditional competition. It's the people who appear on the first page with you.)

2. Discover potential linking partners. (Helps to increase your ranking.)

3. PageRank enhancement.

4. Identify target keywords.

5. Tune web pages for keywords.

6. Submit site to search engines.

7. Monitor search engine ranks.

8. Repeat these steps over and over.

Go to Bruce Clay, Inc. and you can get top 10 rankings for the search keywords.

To discover other ways of looking at how google sees you, enter your url into google and see what it calls up. Do this also for your competitors.

Discover Links to Your Site


- More incoming links (especially from pages with a high PageRank) means a higher PageRank for you


1. Enter in Google

2. Also try:

3. And:

4. See who links to your competitors… in Google, enter:

5. Make a list of potential linking partners

Encourage others to Link to you

- Offer something of value to encourage linking
- Make it easy to link to you e.g. provide the linking HTML
- Get your books discussed.
- Use Public Relations department to help.

To learn more about the variety and effectiveness of link building techniques, see Eric Ward's library of 200+ Link Building articles, posts, tips and advice.

Social Bookmarking and Tagging

Some high traffic numbers of visits (100s to 1000s) coming from social bookmarking sites.

delicisious, connotea....

SB sites let people recommend and tag web sites they like

User gets organization, clusters users via shared tags, utilizes the human intelligence in tags

Stumbleupon Toolbar--discovery and recommendation engine

Pick a topic, click on stumble button, and it shows you web sites in that topic. You can vote on whether you like or don't like. Your votes create a profile for you. Chicago has had 5000 visitors from here.—Social Bookmarking site (acquired by Yahoo)

Users create keywords and tags themselves, not from pre-defined list. Chicago has had hundreds come from here.—a popularity engine

What's new and interesting site. People vote on whether they like a link and it pumps up the ranking. Longest any link persists is 15 hours. Chicago has had 4,000 visitors from here.

Needs you to summarize the value of the site in 80 characters. Bookmarking

Oriented to academic/scholarly world. Helps us store and archive papers. Can extract citations too. It privileges articles that have been in the peer-reviewed literature (journals that cooperate with it). bookmarking site

What's in it for us?

Drives traffic to you. But you must have good content of interest.

Most of the time you won't be successful.

Helps change how we experience the web. Adds meaning and human intelligence and organization to the web.

Yahoo directory of the web has become simply a button, but Yahoo is concentrating now on search engine. (The directory just didn't scale with the web. Blame Google?) a bookmarking site

Helps you to organize your virtual bookshelves. Create an online card catalog of your own books.

ABE has 40% stake. ABE, the used book company, gets data on book recommendations.

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