Selling to Libraries I

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Selling to Libraries I

As a group, academic libraries remain the single largest customers for university press monographs and scholarly collections of essays. Yet we may not be doing everything possible to ensure that they know enough about our books to buy them. This panel will include university press sales personnel, as well as collection development specialists from libraries and vendors. In addition to assessing the overall state of printed books purchases by libraries, the panelists will offer suggestions from personal experience and market research to examine what kinds of direct mail, conference exhibits, and other marketing efforts work best.

We'll have some PowerPoint slides to share, and will introduce the session using the AAUP Library Survey online.

Chair: Sue Havlish, Marketing Manager, Vanderbilt University Press

Panelists: Jim McCoy, Marketing Director, University of Iowa Press; Michael Zeoli, Director of Sales, Canada, YBP Library Services; Joseph Hafner, Associate Director, Collection Services, McGill University Library; Janine Schmidt, The Trenholme Director of Libraries, McGill University Library

Who should attend: directors, sales and marketing personnel, acquisitions editors

Presentations: Sue Havlish, Data Wrangling -or- “Catalogs? We Don’t Need No Stinking Catalogs” Text

Janine Schmidt, Developing a Library Collection Today: The Library’s Second Life

Michael Zeoli, Approval Plan-ology

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