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Who's Doing What - Examples of Rich Media at Scholarly Presses

Columbia University Press

Sophisticated Mini Documentary on the Book's Subject, with author explaining about how truth and science in cooking is arrived at. The video is hosted on YouTube, but CUPress has embedded the code front and center on their home page. C'est magnifique! (P.S. And what a kitchen!)

Princeton University Press

Promotional Author Interviews, which connect audiences with the experts.

Didactic Lectures by Press authors.

University of California Press

Promotional Video Book Trailers. Not too difficult—tasteful fade-in images with music and voice-over.

University of Chicago Press

Promotional Video Book Trailers With Archival Photos, Footage, and Audio Not too difficult—mostly voice over and archival photos, but even some video—of David Letterman holding a prepub copy of the book!

Promotional Author Interviews With Intercuts of Photos from the Book, which helps link what the book has to offer to the short accessible video.

More Audio Podcasts by authors.

Wayne State University Press

Promotional Video Book Trailer on the WSUP MySpace Channel Tasteful fade-ins and pans of images of Marlene Dietrich from the book with archival songs sung by the Hollywood star.

Nebraska University Press

Author-created Video Book Trailer with avant-garde effects on video as author in voice over reads a passage of the book of stories.

The National Academies Press

Inspirational Speeches at the institution. The better the speaker, of course, the better the video.

Ten-minute Scholarly Audio Podcasts, focusing on interesting material from current books.

The RAND Corporation

Full-length Author Panel Discussions. Bring author-scholars together for discourse on a topic they have various expertise on.

Comprehensive Flash Slide Show With Voice Over, illustrating the main themes and ideas in the monograph.

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