Scheduling in a World of Variables: The Planning, Doing, and Reporting

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Friday, June 19 — 1:45-3:00 pm

Presenters: Patty Chase, Production Manager, Books Division, Duke University Press; Vanessa Rusch, Managing Editor, University of Alabama Press; Katie Duelm, Managing Editor, Texas A&M University Press; Dan Pratt, Production Manager, University Press of Colorado/Utah State University Press; Terri Barlow, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, Thomson-Shore, Inc.

Coming from the manuscript editing, typesetting, design/production, and book manufacturing areas of publishing, panelists will look at the challenges of establishing realistic schedules and sticking to them, particularly as schedules continue to get shorter, staffs get smaller, and marketing demands for reliable target dates get more critical. Panelists will address what kinds of planning tools have worked well for their presses, what they have tried that did not work, and what kinds of challenges they still face. A lively Q&A session is expected to follow panel presentations.


Session Video: "Scheduling in a World of Variables" on Vimeo

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