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Friday, June 19 — 1:45-3:00 pm

Chair: John Sherer, Director, University of North Carolina Press

Speakers: Nancy Maron, Ithaka S+R; Roger Schonfeld, Ithaka S+R, and Joe Esposito, Consultant (Section 2)

Panelists will present preliminary findings on two Mellon-funded initiatives on monographs—one of their costs and one on their sales to libraries via Amazon.

Until now, university press monographs have largely remained on the sidelines as author-side payments have facilitated OA models in journals publishing, particularly in STEM fields. Today, there is real interest in exploring what it would take to create and disseminate OA monographs, but the question remains: what would it cost? This session will offer an overview and some preliminary findings from an ongoing research study led by Nancy Maron at Ithaka S+R to determine the costs involved in creating and disseminating high quality digital monographs.

The channels through which publishers sell to libraries and libraries acquire from publishers matter to all parties, and there is reason to suspect they may be changing. Researchers from Ithaka S+R, in collaboration with Joseph Esposito, are in the process of studying changes in these sales channels, and in particular Amazon's role. Using some previously untapped data sources, as well as surveys, we are gathering data to address how books are distributed to libraries, and how those channels are shifting, with greater specificity than ever before. In this session, we will share a current project update and seek the advice of the AAUP community about our directions for the remainder of the research project.

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