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RSS Definition

RSS, stated simply, is a way to allow your users or audience to sign-up for announcements, news, and other information you want them to know about, such as events or the release of new titles. The beauty of RSS is in the relationship that is secured between press and user-customer and the avoidance of the the possibility of offense through unsolicited spamming.

For further technical and usage information, see the Wikipedia RSS entry.

Easy How-to for Implementing RSS

Check out this easy how-to for implementing RSS on your press Website.

Benefits of RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

• RSS allows users to be “notified when new content appears on your site without requiring them to visit. • RSS feeds contain items such as books, articles, etc. • RSS click-through is 5 times greater than email (people are learning to not pay attention to email). • RSS gets you news when it is still new. • You don’t have to submit any personal info to get it. • Drives traffic to your web site. • Improves search rankings (when people consume your feed and link back to you). • Users manage their own RSS subscriptions; no need for staff.

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