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== The Value of Publisher Collectives in Dealing with Digital Distrubutors: e-books, monographs, aggregators == Recently, a number of Canadian university presses were part of a collective that sold e-books to the Canadian Knowledge Research Consortium. Two university presses had e-book sales of over $2,000,000, one of over $1,000,000 and in a few cases the return to smaller university presses was comparable to their hard copy sales for the year. Out of this experience, a group of Canadian publishers is looking at the possibility of forming a collective in order to distribute their copyright works in digital form to a wide audience and to leverage their strengths by dealing with digital distributors as a group. This presentation describes the collective being considered, the functions that the collective would perform, the contractual elements involved, and how it might serve as an example for all AAUP member presses. It also describes the classes of digital distributors that are emerging in the e-book arena, and presents the economic case for aggressive publisher content. Panelists: Bob Gibson, Gibson Publishing Services, Peter Milroy, Director, University of British Columbia Press, Anna Bullard, ebrary

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