Process Steps Labor Hours for Rich Media

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Typical Process Steps and Labor Hours for Rich Media

Video of One-Hour Speech Plus Intercutting Slides

Project Management

Rich Media Production Coordinator 12

Video Production

project planning 2

storyboard/script development 0 (not needed)

rehearsal time 0 (not needed)

shot list development 0 (not needed)

location development/scout 0 (not needed)

shoot set-up meeting 1

post-production planning 2

director coordinates shoot 2

raw footage capture (1 camera operator) 2


format conversion (for playback with time code) 0.25

review raw footage 2

develop edit plan with researcher/content specialist 2

edit first cut 4

audio first cut 1

review first cut 1

merging stakeholder comments 4

creation of cut-to slides for transitions and to cover out-takes 0 (not needed)

edit second cut 2

audio second cut 0.5

edit final cut 0

audio final cut 0 (not needed)

authoring (create/render the interface elements) as needed 4


titling/menu graphics and formatting 4

proofreading 1.2

re-render PP slides to optimize for rich media as needed 4

graphics animation 0 (not needed)

Web Design & Programming

programming/encoding (ActionScript, etc.) 4

product page post 0 (not needed)

Standards Approval and Testing

Functional check by tech specialists (link check, tech compliance, branding compliance) 4

TOTAL 59 labor hours

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