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Saturday, June 20 — 9:00-10:15 am

Chair: Elizabeth Brown, Manager of Publisher Relations, Project MUSE

Panelists: Neil Christensen, Director, Digital Business Development, University of California Press; Martin Paul Eve, Lecturer in English Literature, University of Lincoln, Open Library of Humanities; Clare Hooper, Journals Publishing Manager, Liverpool University Press

Do viable business models exist to sustain open access journal publishing in the humanities and social sciences? For example, can an author-pay model work in humanities fields where funding may not be readily available? This session examines the different approaches used by three emergent H&SS OA publishing platforms. Modern Languages Open launched at Liverpool University with an author-fee model. The Open Library of Humanities, while taking its cue from PLOS, is developing a library-funded model. Collabra, an OA "mega-journal" initiative from the University of California Press, will feature a “pay it forward” twist on the APC model.

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