New Editors-in-Chief Roundtable

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Saturday, June 20 — 9:00-10:15 am

Chair: Robert Devens, Editor-in-Chief, University of Texas Press

Panelists: Laurie Mathesen, Editor-in-Chief, University of Illinois Press; Eric Schwartz, Editorial Director, Columbia University Press; Jason Weidemann Editorial Director, University of Minnesota Press

At many university presses, acquisitions leadership turns over once in a generation. Becoming head of an acquisitions department thus invariably involves new opportunities and challenges, both personal and institutional, long- and short-term. How is this terrain navigated by someone arriving from a different publishing house, in contrast to an editor who has come up through the ranks? How are new editorial directions folded into the existing strengths and parameters of an editorial program? What issues can be foreseen and what comes as a surprise? Each of the speakers on this panel has taken the reins of an acquisition department in the past few years and will speak to her or his personal experience of this transitional time.

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