Moving on Up (and Around): Professional Development on the UP Circuit

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Saturday, June 18, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Mark Simpson-Vos, Editorial Director, University of North Carolina Press
Panelists: Sara Cohen, Acquisitions Editor, Temple University Press; Colleen Lanick, Publicity Manager, MIT Press; Sylvia Mendoza, Design and Production Manager, University of Virginia Press

A university press career is a proverbial thousand-mile journey traveled in single steps, and the path can be filled with surprising turns. Where to go for a map? This roundtable session, especially geared toward those early in their careers, features publishing professionals from a range of backgrounds and experience levels, ready to share their insights about possibilities and pitfalls you might expect to encounter along the way. How to balance laser-focus on your current responsibilities with an eye toward opportunities for advancement? How to stay nimble in a rapidly changing industry? How to assess if it’s time to go? How to build a meaningful network that supports your professional development? Expect a Q&A format and plenty of opportunity for audience participation.

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