It’s a Partnership: Teaching Authors about Self-Promotion

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Saturday, June 20 — 9:00-10:15 am

Chair: Amanda E. Sharp, Assistant Marketing Manager for Publicity and Sales, University of Georgia Press

Presenters: Amy Harris, Director of Marketing and Sales, University Press of Kentucky; Gigi Lamm, Publicity and Public Relations Manager, University of Pennsylvania Press; Rachael Levay, Marketing and Sales Director, University of Washington Press; Beth Svinarich, Sales and Marketing Manager, University Press of Colorado

First-time authors, or first-time university press authors, usually have lots of questions about how their books will be marketed, publicized, and sold. They may assume it is all done in-house, they need to hire a publicist, or they are expected to do all of the work themselves. This roundtable discussion will address topics such as how, and when, to set boundaries and expectations, what an author’s online presence should be, how to view Amazon rankings and bestseller lists, and how to develop relationships with local and independent bookstores. The goal of the session will be to find ways the marketing, sales, and publicity departments can and should collaborate with authors to take advantage of all possible resources for effective promotion and marketing. Attendees from other departments, particularly acquisitions, may find the information useful when addressing author expectations.

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