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Introduction to Art Analysis and Art Management; or Art Analysis and Art Management for Dummies

Not all authors or acquisitions editors (authors' early liaisons to the press) can make sense of presses' art guidelines. At what point in the publishing process does art get evaluated? What are, and should be, the author's responsibilities? How do we convey requirements to authors? Who is responsible for organizing and analyzing art for complex, heavily illustrated books? What tools and resources (software, services, etc.) are available to help make art analysis and management as painless, streamlined, and inexpensive as possible?

Moderator: Susan McRory, Senior Production Editor, University Press of Kansas

Panelists: Dimitri Karetnikov, Illustration Specialist, Princeton University Press; Christine Onrubia, Creative Director / Production Manager, Naval Institute Press; Karen Copp, Associate Director and Design and Production Manager, University of Iowa Press

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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