Interdepartmental Peer-to-Peer Education within a Press

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Saturday, June 20 — 1:45-3:00 pm

Facilitators: Sylvia Hunter Editorial Manager, Journals and Nicole Hilton, Manuscript Preparation Specialist, University of Toronto Press

At University of Toronto Press (UTP), we are in the process of implementing an “inreach” program we call “P-Shift in Residence.” Members of UTP’s XML Workflow staff have begun regularly visiting our two book publishing offices (and eventually, perhaps, will expand to our outside publishing partners) to learn about their in-house processes, educate them about our processes, answer technological and procedural questions, and build relationships in a more concrete way than is possible via email. Could a similar model be useful for other presses aiming to break down in-house silos? What are the benefits, costs, and challenges of this approach?

Outcome: A template or model for an interdepartmental peer-to-peer learning program.

Suggested Collaborators: Other presses that do more than one kind of publishing (or other work) and are concerned about silo effects.

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