How to Uncover Plagiarism before Going to Press: From Inaccurate Citations to Intellectual Theft

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Monday, June 12, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Robert Kimzey, Managing Editor, University of Texas Press
Panelists: Alan Thomas, Editorial Director, University of Chicago Press; Sandy Thatcher, Former Director, Penn State University Press; Katie Duelm, Managing Editor, Texas A&M University Press; Carrie Hudak, Senior Production Editor, Princeton University Press

Acts of plagiarism are rarely clear cut and publishers rely on a number of practices to try to prevent it from happening. Panelists will address this sticky issue and the steps a publisher might take to avoid publishing something that contains questionable text. This session will explore some of the historical and cultural ways plagiarism has been considered (Can plagiarism sometimes be pedagogy?), whether author's intent and the audience matters, and the concept of what's common knowledge for a general audience versus for a scholar working in a specialized field. We will also consider the due diligence a sponsoring editor can perform in advance of offering a contract and how peer review, copy editing, and fact checking raise the bar. Join us as we hold a wide-ranging discussion highlighting a few best practices intended to root out inaccurate citations and uncover outright intellectual theft.

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