How to Leap in and How to Get Out

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Moderator: Doug Armato, Director, University of Minnesota Press

Panelists: Jennifer Crewe, Associate Director and Editorial Director, Columbia University Press; Brigitta van Rheinberg, Editor-in-Chief, Princeton University Press; Laura Waldron, Marketing Director, University of Pennsylvania Press

Description: This session allowed editorial and marketing staffers to share their experiences in entering or leaving particular fields of interest. How do you tell your authors and, if necessary, series editors that you are leaving or de-emphasizing a subject area? What do you do with the backlist and exhibits? On the other hand, what is the best way to enter a new, and possibly crowded, field? Who makes these decisions? How can acquisitions and marketing work together in leaving or entering a field? What are some useful strategies in handling these types of changes while still bringing in and promoting successful books?

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

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