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How to Create a Google Video Account for Your Press

It's easy really. Your press will be like any other individual YouTube content producer. You simply:

Go to the Create an Account page, choose a username and password, and enter your information. Then click the "I accept" button and you're done.

Remember that the videos you upload have to run 10 minutes or less, and be sure to type in textual description of the video with lots of key words that will help people find your video.

Many video producers seem to prefer to YouTube to Google Video. See the blog post 10 reasons why YouTube is better than Google Video.

Google Video RSS Feed

Google Video search results can be viewed in an RSS feed by clicking the RSS link to the right of the results count or by adding &output=rss to the end of the URL in your web browser's address area.

Changing the &num=20 part of the URL to &num=100 shows 100 results in the RSS feed instead of 20.

see here another great Videostream Hoster

Divx Videostream Hoster Divx-Flash Videostream Hoster

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