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Useful links for someone starting out, on getting to epub + prc....

General information

The Electric Book Works knowledgebase -

Converting from XML to epub

epub-tools - Open source tools for generating and managing ePub documents, including conversions from Word, RTF, DocBook, TEI, FictionBook
(Note: These are NOT ready-made silver bullets...but they are handy starting points that can be modified to work with your specific content.)

Exporting from InDesign to epub

Producing ePub Documents from InDesign -

Creating EPUB with InDesign - online resources -

Exporting from InDesign directly to Mobipocket format (prc) for Kindle

Download Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign (Beta) -

How to make epubs from scratch

Creating epub files -

.epub eBooks Tutorial -

Check your work!

Validate EPUB documents - or install the epubcheck tool (runs from the command line using Java). Recent versions of the oXygen XML editor have a built-in EPUB validation function as well, available when you are editing an EPUB using its Archive feature.

Things to look for -

Bugs in e-readers to be aware of -

Tools for getting from epub to prc (the Mobipocket format used by Amazon Kindle)

Download Kindlegen and Kindle Previewer (to make and view prcs) -

Twitter is a good source of news and updates, particularly:

#epub -
#ePrdctn -
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