Getting Beyond the Library Market: Indies, Adoptions, Analytics

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Saturday, June 18, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Martyn Beeny, Marketing Manager, University of Nebraska Press
Panelists: David K. Brown, Sale Representative, University Marketing Group; Mary Alice Elcock, Vice President, Content, BitLit; William Rand, Assistant Professor & Director, Center for Complexity in Business at the University of Maryland

We market and sell our books to an established and accepted group of buyers, but are we missing out? What other audiences are there? How far away from our traditional markets should we stray? Three innovative and experienced book-industry players will contemplate these questions and much more in a roundtable setting. They will open the envelope and then promptly tear it apart, seeking to broaden our viewpoints outside of the university press world and into new arenas in which we might sell our books.

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