Fonts in E-Books

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Friday, June 19 — 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Chair: Mark Fretz, Director of Editorial Services, Scribe Inc.

Panelists: Dan Ochsner, Design and Production Manager, University of Minnesota Press; Eileen Reilly, Digital Production, Princeton University Press; Tim Roberts, Principal, Field Editoral, and Managing Editor, The American Literatures Initiative; Clark Matthews, Vice President of Digital Services, Independent Publishers Group

Where would publishers be without fonts? Where are we with fonts, given the multiplicity of delivery formats, devices, reading environments, and user expectations? E-books present their own challenges when it comes to fonts. We cannot solve all the problems, but have to decide which ones we will and will not try to solve—thus, we must pick our poison. This panel takes up those challenges as they relate to font options, fonts behaving badly, how technology affects font display, design issues across formats, BIDI (bidirectionality), and Unicode. This panel will provide a snapshot of the current state of affairs in dealing with the challenges of fonts in e-book production.


To view the slides and presentations from "Fonts in E-Books," please visit AAUP's SlideShare.

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