Effective Digital Advertising, Part 2

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Friday, June 17, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Chair: Brady Dyer, Marketing and Communications Manager, University of Texas Press
Panelists: Sara Johnson, Marketing Associate, NYU Press; Tim Johnson, Associate Publisher, The Nation; Greg Monaco, Monaco Lange Agency; Jill Rodgers, Subscription and Institutional Marketing Manager, MIT Press

Advertise, Engage, Innovate. Repeat. Building on last year’s session on effective digital advertising, this panel will share new research about engaging readers with AAUP titles. Participants will show how core advertising principles and strategies work at a creative agency, media owner, and at AAUP presses. We’ll further explore defining a book or journal's value before advertising it and also the value of your press itself. Tangible results from email opens to ad clicks and above all, book and journal buying, will feature in supporting case studies.

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