Diversity in Publishing: Transforming Our Profession and Practices

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Friday, June 17, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Larin McLaughlin, Editor in Chief, University of Washington Press
Panelists: Jennifer Baker, Social Media Manager, We Need Diverse Books, and Production Editor, Teachers College Press; Courtney Berger, Senior Editor and Editorial Department Manager, Duke University Press; Heath Fogg Davis, Associate Professor of Political Science, Temple University; Gita Manaktala, Editorial Director, MIT Press

With recent surveys such as the 2015 Publishers Weekly Salary Survey and the Diversity Baseline Survey demonstrating the continued homogeneity of the publishing industry, the need for diversity in publishing continues to be a pressing concern for our profession and the publishing industry more generally. This panel will feature activists for diversity in publishing and higher education who will share their experiences with advocating for increased diversity in the context of publishing and institutional change. In addition, four university presses recently partnered to develop the Mellon University Press Diversity Fellowship Program; panelists will include those who are now working to implement the program.

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