Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Transforming Our Organizations Using the Resources We Already Have

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Tuesday, June 13, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Ellen Bush, Director of Electronic Marketing, University of North Carolina Press
Panelists: Gisela Fosado, Editor, Duke University Press; Minkah Makalani, Associate of Professor of African & African Diaspora Studies, University of Texas, Austin; Jill L. Petty, Acquisitions Editor, Northwestern University Press

This session will address some of the changes at the personal and organizational levels that are part of building a sustainable culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion within our organizations. In addition to attracting a wider pool of candidates, how can we exercise inclusion in our day-to-day operations? How do we welcome and support new hires? How, when, and with whom do we communicate--with words, silence, and body language? How do we support ongoing professional development and incorporate diversity at all levels of leadership? We’ll discuss strategies for dismantling institutional habits that perpetuate exclusion and offer a starter toolkit for strengthening our presses as organizations that thrive on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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