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Moderator: Laura Gribbin, Direct Marketing Manager, University of North Carolina Press

Panelists: Sharon Casteel, Direct Mail and Website Manager, University of Texas Press; Brandon Kelley, Direct Mail and Advertising Coordinator, NYU Press; Joe Weintraub, Direct Marketing Manager, University of Chicago Press

Description: This panel examined the changing world of direct marketing, focusing both on tried and true methods and on new techniques and options that affect what we do and how we do it. Some of the questions we asked and attempted to answer included, what works and what doesn’t work in direct marketing? When do certain techniques work better than others and why? How have presses of varying sizes incorporated e-mail and website promotions into their direct marketing programs, and to what degree have electronic offers supplanted, augmented, or fallen short of traditional print offers? What is the place of the deep-discount sale catalog? How do we measure response rates for both mail and e-mail? What are the latest techniques for building customer mailing lists and sending printed or e-mail newsletters to develop customer loyalty and boost response rates? Panelists from three different sized presses discussed a range of techniques from the traditional to the electronic, and provided ideas and opportunities for rethinking our direct marketing programs.

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