Digital Publishing in the University Press Mission, Part I: In-House Players

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SPEAKER: Michele Echenique, University of California Press

As soon as UC Press has a printed book, they repurpose electronically.

• Amazon search inside, etc.

• Includes archiving and the web site.

UCP started about 10 years ago with Mellon grant in partnership with UC Berkeley library to digitize and post humanities titles. Used SGML.

California Digital Library was getting up and running and they took these titles to add to their collection.

Personalities are important. Initiatives are driven by people. Laura Driusi pushed marketing web efforts as have Lynn Withey, the director, who supports the efforts deeply. Leadership is extremely important to digital publishing innovation. Also folks at California Digital Library.

Have an acquisitions editor now to lead on digital publishing.

Also, have a formal digital publishing committee with member reps from all areas of the press. Meet every two weeks to talk current project, impacts on resources, one purpose always ask why and how much costs.

Still have core competency at acquiring and publishing books. Find sustainability there.

Lessons Learned

Leverage your inplace systems. Don’t recreate the wheel. Leverage personalities. Don’t pick the Luddite in production. Leverage others in other organizations. Leverage partners. Be open to being gunea pigs for vendors. You’ll get a good deal.

• Download discussants' talks (.pdf): Michelle Echenique, University of California Press; Peter Potter, Cornell University Press

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