Digital Partners: Part I

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Moderator: Dan Lee, Manager of Digital Publishing, Yale University Press

Panelists: Anna Bullard, Director of Acquisitions and Publisher Relations, ebrary; Paul Kogan, Director, Publisher Programs, Microsoft Live Search; Matt Shatz, Vice-President, Digital, Random House; Suzanne Kemperman, Director of Publishing, NetLibrary

Description: What strategic decisions need to be made about GoogleBook Search, Microsoft Live Search/Book, and Amazon SITB (participate in pay-for-view? participate in POD program? co-branded search?) What about the electronic aggregators--NetLibrary, Ebrary, Ebook Library (EBL)? What do I need to think about in assessing these companies and their contracts? What do publishers need to do to prepare themselves to work with these vendors? What can we learn from what Random House, Harper Collins, and other publishers in the trade world have been doing in recent months and years? What can they offer us? Are there potential partnerships between trade and academic publishing? What has been the impact of digitization and digital publishing on the Industry as a whole?

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

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