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Moderator: Susan Donnelly, Sales Director, Harvard University Press

Panelists: Marjorie Fowler, Electronic Projects Coordinator, University of North Carolina Press; Robin Moir, IT Manager, University of Minnesota Press; Linda Secondari, Creative Director, Manufacturing and Technology, Columbia University Press

Description: A practical session that addressed specific questions and issues related to digital asset management and digital archiving. What are the factors involved in presses decisions to develop a managed archive? Which titles are chosen (frontlist, backlist, or both), and how? In which formats should files be stored? How is copyright and permission information recorded and maintained? How has digital asset management been incorporated into press workflow, procedures, and staff? Various options for creating and storing a multipurpose digital archive, including outside services such as Bibliovault and Collection Point, were discussed.

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

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