Design and Production Roundtable

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Saturday, June 18, 9:00–10:15 AM
Facilitators: Nicole Hilton, XML Workflow Supervisor, University of Toronto Press; Janet Rossi, Production Manager, MIT Press

The goal of this Collaboration Lab is to produce preliminary outlines for several well-defined sessions and workshop proposals for the 2017 AAUP conference. The outlines will be submitted to the conference’s program committee before it meets in fall 2016. In the Lab, we will also consider ideas for future webinars and other related meetings and workshops, such as bringing back the AAUP Design and Production Managers’ meetings. Topics to be considered may include approaches to digitizing backlists (scanning, OCR, ebook creation). Strategies for determining design and production focused sessions may include combing AAUP-PM listservs for relevant topics and determining those areas that are in need of more formal discussion.

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