Creating a Marketing Plan & Managing the Marketing Budget

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Moderator: Fredric Nachbaur, Marketing and Sales Director, New York University Press

Panelists: Renee Tambeau, Marketing Director, Wayne State University Press; Laura Waldron, Marketing Director, University of Pennsylvania Press; Liza Murphy, Sales and Marketing Director, Cambridge University Press

Description: What are the elements that should be included in every marketing plan? How to divide your marketing budget between advertising, direct mail, electronic marketing, publicity, co-op with accounts, seasonal catalogs, and conference exhibits. What seems to be working? What's not? And how can you tell the difference? How much of your budget goes towards keeping authors and editors happy while not really driving sales? Are large, expensive ads really worth it? Are you getting your share of co-op and shelf space with bookstores and distributors? When is it time to triage the budget? Do university presses focus more on spending than on sales results, or are we sufficiently adept at employing marketing techniques to build sales? Are we exploiting to the full what we know is working?

Please post outlines, notes, and/or links to presentation materials below.

Renee Tambeau, PowerPoint Presentation [1]

Laura Waldron, PowerPoint Presentation [2]

Liza Murphy, PowerPoint Presentation [3]

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