Creating Alliances with Like-minded Organizations: Who, Why and How?

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Moderator: Lynne Withey, Director, University of California Press

Panelists: Joan Catapano, Associate Director, University of Illinois Press; Tina Weiner, Associate Director, Yale University Press; Richard Brown, Director, Georgetown University Press

Description: As university presses, we often join forces with other units within our universities and with other cultural organizations for a variety of purposes: to extend our range in acquiring manuscripts, provide publishing services, and raise our profiles within our communities, to name a few. Such alliances can offer significant benefits, both financial and less tangible, but they also present challenges. Panelists discussed the kinds of partnerships that have proved fruitful for university presses, and the challenges we face in initiating and maintaining them. The emphasis was on strategic questions rather than specific cases, although panelists included examples from their own presses' experiences. Because other sessions at this meeting addressed press-library alliances, this session focused on other kinds of partnerships.

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