Conceiving, Developing, and Creating a Great University Press Website: Lessons Learned from Three Case Studies

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Tuesday, June 13, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Chair: William Bishel, Information and Business Systems Manager, University of Texas Press
Panelists: Patricia L. Searl, Editorial and Technical Specialist, University of Virginia Press; Laura Furney, Assistant Director & Managing Editor, University Press of Colorado; Michael Regoli, Director of Electronic and Journals Publishing, Indiana University Press; Paul Grotevant, IT Manager, Web & Contract Services, University of Texas, Austin

Your website is not only your identity, it’s also a key element in your business. It has to look great, be easily found, show everything you have to show, adapt to business and technological changes, and, in most cases, allow a customer buy a book. There are at least three primary ways to build a website for your organization: do it yourself, work with your university’s website and IT community, or outsource it to a third-party company. This session will feature presses that have followed each of these paths.

Representatives from three university presses will explain how they created their new sites and offer examples of things to do, things not to do, and things to do differently. A fourth panelist will give a university’s IT website developer perspective, explaining how they go through the “discovery” phase with the client and how they manage expectations. Attendees will gain a better understanding of what is feasible given their circumstances, what they need to consider when deciding how to approach their new website, and how to manage expectations of other press staff and stakeholders.


To view the slides and presentations from "Conceiving, Developing, and Creating a Great University Press Website: Lessons Learned from Three Case Studies," please visit AAUP's SlideShare.

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