Collaborating for Financial Success

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Friday, June 19 — 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Chair: Donna Shear, Director, University of Nebraska Press

Panelists: Robbie Dircks, Associate Director and CFO, University of North Carolina Press; Kathleen Keane, Director, Johns Hopkins University Press; Darrin Pratt, Director, University Press of Colorado

It’s important for university presses to be united and to collaborate in any number of areas, but we are in an age now where collaborating for definable financial success—either because of economies of scale or market power—is crucial. In this panel, we will present some of those success stories, including a mutually beneficial partnership between two scholarly presses (the Jewish Publication Society and University of Nebraska Press, as well as University Press of Colorado and Utah State University Press), a press bringing a number of common functions under one roof to achieve economies of scale for itself and partner presses, making the difficult decision to outsource its fulfillment and warehousing and what that has meant financially, and a look at how the university press digital collaboration, UPCC, has fared.


Session Video: "Collaborating for Financial Success" on Vimeo

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