Books and Journals Together at Last

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Saturday, June 18, 1:45–3:00 PM
Chair: Katie Luu, Journals Marketing Specialist, MIT Press
Panelists: Steve Cohn, Director, Duke University Press; Katie Luu, Journals Marketing Specialist, MIT Press; Emily Nowak, Marketing and Sales Manager, Wayne State University Press

How can university presses promote collaborative marketing between their books and journals divisions? What marketing opportunities exist when we work together toward creative solutions? This panel will dig into the challenges and rewards that come from bridging the books/journals gap. Hear from your colleagues at Duke, Wayne State, and MIT who have recently completed cross-divisional projects as they discuss the why, how, and lessons learned and the possibilities that exist from here.


To view the slides and presentations from "Books and Journals Together at Last," please visit AAUP's SlideShare.

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