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BooksPlus Manufacturing

Many of us are involved at times in the preparation of highly complex titles that may contain items in addition to the basic printed book. CDs, DVDs, and other add-ons, often in a special box or packaging, can be a nightmare for design and production. They also have special needs for the promotion and marketing departments. This session will focus on how important it is to secure the right partner for such ventures. Partnering is always important in the relationship between publisher and suppliers, all the more so for productions such as these. The advice, the conceptual work and scheduling assume increased levels of importance for such projects. Hear the opinions, approaches and partnering recommendations from an experienced production, marketing, and supplier-based panel to help you be prepared when your press ventures into one of these "specials."

Moderator: Theresa Lamoureux, Director of Production and Manufacturing, (Book Division), MIT Press

Panelists: Joseph Braff, President, Imago Sales (USA) Inc; Gita Manaktala, Director of Marketing (Book Division), MIT Press; John St. Martin, President, Saint Media Inc.

Please feel free to add notes or responses to the panel below.

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