Beyond Books: Models of Digital Scholarly Publishing

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Moderator: Michael Jensen, Director of Publishing Technologies, National Academies Press

Panelists: Penny Kaiserlian, Director, University of Virginia Press; Fred Moody, Editor-in-Chief, Rice University Press; Paul Murphy, Associate Director, Publications, RAND

Description: The 2006 ACLS report on cyberinfrastructure for the humanities and social sciences helped many publishers recognize the need for broadening our thinking about scholarly publishing, while infuriating others with its "everything should look like a nail" approach to the hammer of digital scholarship. Four publishers talked about the successes, trends, and implications of their approaches to "going digital," including business models, traffic patterns, and success metrics, against a backdrop of changing expectations foreshadowed in the ACLS report.

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Penny Kaiserlian, PowerPoint Presentation, Rotunda [1]

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