Backlist to the Future: The Hidden Value in Your Catalog

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Friday, June 19 — 10:45 am-12:00 pm

Chair: Amy Harris, Director of Marketing of Sales, University Press of Kentucky

Panelists: Marjorie Fowler, Electronic Projects Coordinator, University of North Carolina Press; Phil Ollila, Chief Content Officer at Ingram Content Group; Susan Peterson, SVP, Sales at codeMantra, LLC; and Kenneth Reed, Digital Production Manager, Princeton University Press

Backlist (both in- and out-of-print) is frequently a press's greatest underutilized asset. These books form a rich record, and among them are often key publications that defined the press and its host institution(s). But they also have untapped potential commercial and marketing value. New technologies and grant opportunities are lowering the barriers to making these books available again or available in new ways. This panel discussion brings together presses and vendors to reveal innovative and cost-effective ways of offering print and digital editions of these titles—allowing presses to celebrate their legacies, strengthen their intellectual property strategy, forge new relationships, and generate new streams of income. Panelists will discuss specific initiatives including Princeton University Press’s Legacy Library, the University of North Carolina Press’s Enduring Editions and DocSouth collaboration with UNC Libraries, as well as the University Press of Kentucky’s backlist digitization project with University of Kentucky Libraries. Vendors Ingram and CodeMantra will share how they have been helping publishers make their backlist titles more widely accessible globally and enhance their long tails with minimal investment and positive returns.

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