Apples and Oranges: Financial Arrangements between Presses and Their Parent Institutions Leaders

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Friday, June 17, 10:45 AM–12:00 PM
Leaders: Mike Bieker, Director, University of Arkansas Press; Steve Cohn, Director, Duke University Press; Alison Mudditt, Director, University of California Press; Charles Watkinson, Director, University of Michigan Press

In many cases our presses do not pay for all the cost lines that would be part of the expenses of a freestanding publishing business. We get support, in an amazing variety of ways, from our parent institutions; and sometimes we make payments for parent-institution services and overheads. At a time when the costs of publishing a book are much in discussion, thanks to the recent Ithaka S&R report, it seems useful for us to become aware of the differences in what gets counted into those costs.

What gets paid for by your press’s parent institution, what does your press pay for on its own, and what does your press pay its parent institution to provide? How do these vary across presses and institutions, and what impact does size and reporting line have? When we talk about levels of parent-institution support, are we all talking about (i.e., adding and subtracting) the same things? And what implications does all of this have for the way we manage our presses and make decisions?

This is not a panel. It is planned as a chance for discussion, with lots of moving around the room to form discussion groups.

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